01. An oil refinery serves to make gasoline from [crude] oil.
02. The guy is really [crude], so the women in the office really hate him.
03. The prisoner made a [crude] weapon out of parts from his bed frame.
04. The [crudely] made bomb exploded in the marketplace, killing its maker and two others.
05. I don't want you boys using that kind of [crude] language in class.
06. His [crude] remarks often make those around him uncomfortable.
07. People originally found the art of Vincent Van Gogh to be childlike and [crude].
08. Their music CDs often have a warning label attached because of their famously [crude] lyrics.
09. Tom has only a very [crude] notion of how the stock market works.
10. The prisoners were able to escape from the island prison in a [crudely] made boat.
11. Robinson Crusoe made a [crude] shelter out of tree branches for his first night on the island.
12. A recent report shows that domestic [crude] production has dropped by almost three percent.
13. [Crude] oil prices are currently about 34 percent higher than a year ago.
14. His [crudeness] often gets him into trouble because many people are offended by the language he uses.
15. He made a [crude] remark about how big her breasts were, so she slapped him, and ran crying out of the room.
16. Five thousand years ago, the Egyptians invented a [crude] form of toothpaste, using a mixture of wine and pumice.
17. Hikers found some [crude] paintings of animals painted on the walls of the cave.
18. Today, a lone terrorist with a [crude] nuclear bomb can threaten or kill tens of thousands of people in a single act of destruction.
19. The book only offers a [crude] contrast between good and evil.
20. Someone once noted that the stone age was marked by man's clever use of [crude] tools, whereas the information age has been marked by man's [crude] use of clever tools.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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